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There are many assessment tools available and we have used many of them! Yet, we keep coming back to the DiSC. Why? Because it is straight-forward and hones in on your areas of strength and your blind spots which might be preventing you from being as successful as you possibly can be! This tool is such a BIG WIN we wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone who wants to improve the way they interact in any arena. We use the DiSC in many of our Leadership Courses, in Coaching and of course, you can just take it and keep your report.
“We reached out to Shonda because we had built an incredible team of employees and wanted to figure out how to retain them. Shonda immediately bonded with our team and after only one meeting; we already had communication tools that began relieving stress and improving communication among the entire group. One of the most valuable tools Shonda brought to us was the DISC assessment. "
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What is Our Process? Determine the right DiSC assessment: One of the many benefits to using the DiSC Behavioral Assessment is the ability to choose among variations. This allows us to help determine which report will be of the most value to you. Send you the Link to the DiSC Behavior Assessment Tool: Once we have chosen the correct report that will benefit you we will send you the link to take the assessment. This powerful tool lines out your strengths and areas of opportunities. You will receive a robust report that is all about you. We use the information to hone in on blind spots that might be creating obstacles for you. Provide You with an Action Plan: Based on your results and a conversation with you we will customize an action plan to work specifically on the areas that will benefit you most. We help determine the specific area to focus on, how many sessions we set up, and how you would like to meet (phone, in-person, and/or via technology). We also discuss additional options with you to get the best feedback: 360 evaluations, real-time observation at work, engagement survey and/or interviews with others that you work with. Get to Work: Once you approve the plan, together we will set up dates and times that work for you and start the journey. (Or start the hard work.) Follow-up: You will have accomplished great strides at this point and we want to make sure you have the support you need to continue building on your new skills sets. We can continue to meet with you intermittently or as much as you would like to reinforce and support your journey to continued success.
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