Case Study

Leadership Development:  Offshore Drilling Organization


DODI offers a first class technical training catalogue to their employees.  However they still desired to match that with leadership, learning and development courses.


Employing CDT3’s Training and Design process CDT3 consulted with DODI’s HR management team to assess desired outcomes and the needs-driven rationale behind the training.  The client conversations suggested that a concerted effort to build and enhance leadership skills within the organization would bolster recruiting and retention of capable leadership.  DODI sought to realize that value proposition by providing robust training courses focused on leadership, coaching, time management and performance management skill sets.   The courses would initially be delivered to upper level managers, and then expanded to encompass descending management levels.




CDT3 designed a two-day custom leadership course focused on the key objectives to address the primary concerns, in addition to a one-day performance management course.


The courses are running now into the third year.


Evaluations of 1-5 have consistently been at a 4.5


Reports from HR indicate a better focus on performance accountability as well as increased awareness of leadership style and how to use it effectively.



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