Case Study

Performance Management: Global Tier-1 Engineering and Construction Company


This client needed a stop-gap solution.  Due to mergers and ongoing acquisition this company was not ready to commit to a permanent performance management system because their environment was changing almost daily.  Nevertheless the need to implement a performance management initiative was a top priority so that employees could have the stability of knowing what was expected of them and whether they were doing a good job, despite the many rapid changes being experienced by the company.  CDT3 partnered with the client to develop a solution to equip managers to utilize functional goal setting strategies for their direct reports and to encourage bi-directional feedback.  Flexibility was an over-riding concern with this client.  CDT3 designed and facilitated multiple four- hour sessions within the desired time frame.  We also conducted a Train-the-trainer enabling the internal staff to facilitate the performance management module moving forward.



Increased employee morale as a result of having a direction and more effective feedback enabling effective leadership during a corporate transition period.



We are continuing to work with this client on a robust Leadership Course.



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