Coaching What we do...
We offer one-on-one coaching. We have expert consultants who work with all levels of skill and experience. The entry level to the executive! Everyone can use a sounding board at times! It is all about YOU! We can be as flexible as you need. CDT3 coaches have provided guidance, feedback and action plans around Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Leadership, Communication Skills, and Time Management/Organization Skills.
What they say...
"I reached out to CDT3 to assist me in improving my Presentation Skills. I was terrified to stand in front of others but it was critical to do so in my position. My coach immediately understood my concerns and was able to outline a plan of action, provide specific feedback and teach me to present in an articulate succinct manner. I am far more confident now after having worked with my CDT3 Coach!!" -Senior Manager
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 What is Our Process? We check in with you: We offer a free consultation with you to determine what areas you would like to focus on. Some of our clients have simply wanted to improve their Presentation skills while others are looking to improve their Leadership Brand. We cover the gamut: Communication, Career Shifts, Skill Development, and much more!! We utilize the DiSC Behavior Assessment Tool: If the DiSC is a tool that will benefit you we will send you the link to take the assessment. This powerful tool lines out your strengths and areas of opportunities. You will receive a 25+-page report that is all about you. We use the information to hone in on blind spots that might be creating obstacles to your ultimate success. We Provide You with an Action Plan: We will customize an action plan to work specifically on the areas that will benefit you most. We will determine the specific area to focus on, how many sessions we set up, and how you would like to meet (phone, in-person, and/or via technology). We also discuss additional options with you to get the best feedback: 360 evaluations, real-time observation at work, and/or interviews with others that you work with. We get to Work: Once you approve the plan, together we will set up dates and times that work for you and start the hard work. We will follow-up: You have accomplished great things at this point and we want to make sure you have the support you need to continue building on your new skills sets.

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