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    What do you mean by custom design?
CDT3 will work with your organization to determine what your learning and development needs are and create training material to focus on those specific objectives. Will you customize training to our organization’s objectives?
Yes, we will work with your internal staff to determine the training objectives and also your specific lingo and design a custom training course. Will you deliver our already designed training? Yes, the CDT3 staff is comprised of professional trainers who are familiar with picking up already designed training, learning it and delivering it to the customer. Do you conduct train-the-trainers (TTT) on the material CDT3 designs? Yes, we can design a course for your organization, provide a facilitator guide, run a pilot and conduct a TTT. What is your turnaround time on designing or delivering a training course. The length of the course will somewhat determine the design time needed. We will work with you to ensure delivery fits your schedule. CDT3 is adamant regarding designing and delivering quality training so we want to make sure we get it right!!
We also have off-the-shelf material available which might be perfect for a quicker turn around time. Will CDT3 provide all the materials for the training course. Yes, we will design and provide all of the training materials needed to run the training course. We do request the organization provide the overhead projector, flip charts and a training room. If needed, we can also secure a different facility to conduct the training. Will a CDT3 facilitator travel to our location?
Yes, absolutely – we will travel to your location. We travel both domestically and international. Wherever your locations are is where we will go. How many participants can be in one session?
That depends on what your objectives are and what the material is focused on. For example, if it is a Leadership Course sometimes a larger audience provides more interactive dynamics whereas if it is a Presentation Skills course the participant will benefit from a smaller populace in order to receive more specific feedback. We will discuss that with you to determine the best number of participants for your training event. Do you conduct Teambuilding Events? Absolutely! We can create team building events that are either indoor or outdoor, super high energy and active or more classroom based – let’s chat about your specific event and objectives! Do you conduct DiSC train- the-trainer courses?
Yes, we will conduct DiSC train the trainer courses and can certify your internal trainers to deliver the DiSC themselves. What types of courses do you offer? CDT3 has a wide range of interpersonal skills courses we offer. Our facilitators have been in the learning and development field for a span of 10-30 years and bring a breadth of experience to the classroom! Some (but not all inclusive!) of the areas we train in include: Leadership, Management, Sales, Team-Building, Presentation Skills, Executive Presence and Personal Branding, Customer Service, DiSC, Hiring/Interviewing, Working in Diverse and Global Teams, Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Coaching. What are your courses like? Do participants have to sit and listen to an instructor all day? We create our courses with the learner in mind. It is hard to sit still all day! Adults learn better when they are involved and interactive in the learning experience so we ensure our training courses are interactive, fun, energetic, and engaging. Participants will work hard during their learning time but will find the time flies by! Our goal is to make sure your objectives are met while the participant stays fully engaged. Do you train via the Internet?
Yes, we have facilitators that specialize in virtual training – we will use whichever system your organization has such as: WebEx, Adobe, and GoToMeeting. Do you do one-on-one training? Yes, we can work with your high potential employees one-on-one. CDT3 has experienced and skilled coaches that will work with individuals to achieve their skill development needs. See the Coaching section for more information.

    What positions will CDT3 help staff?
Our talent acquisition specialist will assist your organization with whichever positions you need. We will partner with you to ensure we are reaching out to all potential sources for your perfect candidate! How do you find the perfect candidate for us?
We use a Behavioral Based Interviewing approach, Assessment Tools, Scoping Templates, and Online Tools to post positions as appropriate to the position. We are also well networked and will reach out as appropriate to find your perfect fit! What HR Consulting Services do you provide?
We can provide either a generic set of policies and procedures that meet your states’ requirements or we can customize policies and procedures specifically for your organization. Does CDT3 create Employee Handbooks.
Yes, we can create an Employee Handbook custom for your organization. Our HR Specialists will collaborate with your organization to determine the scope of your need and which policies and procedures should be included.

    Do you have certified analyst for the DiSC?
Yes, we have Certified Behavioral Analyst who have vast experience with the DiSC Assessment Tool. Do you train others on how to use and facilitate the DiSC Assessment?
Yes, we can absolutely conduct a Train the Trainer for your internal staff to become certified. What is the difference between the DiSC and Meyers Briggs?
MeyersBriggs: MBTI has been around a long time and is a common personality assessment tool in large companies. Wikipedia describes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment as " a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions." It is based on 8 characteristics, 4 pairs of seemingly opposed traits. The opposing trait pairs are: Extroversion (E) – (I) Introversion Sensing (S) – (N) Intuition Thinking (T) – (F) Feeling Judging (J) – (P) Perception The resulting personality score looks like a set of 4 letters from each pair. For example: ESTJ or ISFP or ENFP and so on.

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